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Chase then asked his father, owner of WTIC radio (1080 AM and 96.5 FM) to allow Arch to use the historic WTIC-TV call letters.

After securing consent, Arch applied for a waiver to use the call sign in June 1984; (the WETG call letters were subsequently used by a station in Erie, Pennsylvania, now fellow Fox affiliate WFXP).

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After talks with Counterpoint fell through, Renaissance moved most of WTXX's stronger programming to WTIC, creating a stronger lineup for channel 61.

Some programming (such as older sitcoms), however, was returned to their syndication distributors and wound up first on WTWS (channel 26, now Ion Television owned-and-operated station WHPX-TV) and then WTVU (channel 59, now My Network TV affiliate WCTX).

As the litigation progressed, the shows were replaced by low-budget barter programming.

Central to the litigation were allegations of illegal "tie-in" sales by program syndicators that artificially drove up the cost of programming to WTIC.

Many syndication distributors went unpaid and responded by pulling their programming from channel 61.

Extensive litigation followed as the contracts that were standard in the industry at that time stated that if a single payment was missed, no more programs would be provided, but the station was still required to pay the full amount due under the contract.

The cases soon settled on terms favorable to Chase and WTIC.

Chase Broadcasting (owned by Arnold Chase's father's organization) acquired WTIC on October 2, 1987.

WTIC's transmitter is located on Rattlesnake Mountain in Farmington, Connecticut.

On cable, the station is carried primarily on channel 6 throughout the Hartford–New Haven television market.

Grasso, the first woman to serve as governor of Connecticut, who died in 1981; Grasso's son was a minority partner in Chase's group.


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