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A civil union congratulations card featuring two grooms who are standing arm in arm.They are accompanied by an adorable dog who is looking up at them.In these days of the small-cast, tidy domestic drama, what a pleasure it is to encounter Clifford Odets’ soaring, expansive, and tough-as-nails “Golden Boy,”...

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Space limitations forbid me saluting all the fine turns in the company.

At the top of the heap is Tony Shalhoub’s decent, courtly, and finally devastated Mr. Yvonne Strahovski shines as the sullen Lorna, holding her own in a man’s world with engaging feistiness...

2 Cute tuxedo-clad grooms standing on a banner flanked by two white doves wishing them "congratulations!

" On the kraft paper background is a continuing "Congratulations, guys! Perfect for congratulating a just married gay couple.

Danny Mastrogiorgio gets Moody’s self-doubt and sweaty hunger for success exactly right, while Anthony Crivello makes a welcome return to the New York stage as Fuseli, scarily psychopathic and shot through with latent erotic desire.

The skills [Sher] evinced in that rewarding revival [“Awake and Sing!

Cards like coming out, sex reassignment surgery, Civil Unions, same sex marriage, two moms on Mother's Day, two dads on Father's Day, new baby congratulations, encouragement and support, and just about anything you could possibly want boasting the gay pride rainbow. More of my cards at It’s not always easy being different from other couples, we both know that.

Use the search box above to find exactly what you are looking for or categories in the Also See below. But loving you and being loved by you is a daily joy because you add every wonderful color to my life. This gay Valentine card to my Husband features a drawing of a cartoon male couple in bed.

Design features car with cans and two men with their arms out the windows holding top hats. (created with original artworkdelightful-doodles) Playful teals and peaches lend color and trendy modern design to a heartfelt message giving the newlyweds words to live by: "A marriage is built on love, hugs and snuggles, saying I'm sorry, being awesome, staying best friends, having faith." Perfect for congratulating a just married lesbian couple Two men wearing Santa hats and seasonal sweaters, toast each other with glasses of champagne. Dream together, laugh together and when the music plays ... In doing so you will always grow together and never grow apart. Remember that the rhythm of the music will change, but the music will always remain the same ...

There is a heart symbol above the glasses and the words 'Happy Festivus' are under the image of the two men. ' As the two of you unite today in love and in friendship ... For the music is the sound of your love for each other and together you’ll learn to dance to the changing rhythm that is life. "On your journey, be the wind that keeps your partner's spirit soaring ..." just one of the lines in this romantically sentimental and original poem by the artist for the two brides on their wedding day.

Both the men in the civil partnership are wearing matching pink waistcoats and the dog has a pink collar on.

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