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If Asian men on screen are to be easily vanquished, so are Asian male leaders in real state-to-state relations.

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It’s unusual for me to be overcharged or otherwise taken solicited or taken advantage of because I’m a foreigner. Sometimes when I do see children begging money, they will approach other Filipinos or my wife but not me.

I wonder if the relative lack of begging and prostitution relates to Ilonggo pride.

I find Ilonggos, male and female, to have a reserve and seriousness which differentiates them from the more outgoing Cebuanos and even Tagalogs.

They seem serious, proud, industrious, honest, and pious compared the more fun-loving Cebuanos or Tagalogs.

While Iloilo has a few “girlie bars” it does not have the kind of pervasive sex tourism/bar scene found in Angeles or Cebu City.

Casual dating of a “white” guy would not be considered proper by many Ilonggas.I rarely see young Filipinas with older foreigners, a very common sight in Cebu.Many of the Filipina-foreigner couples appear to be married couples who have grown plump together over the years.Beyond the reserve, I find Ilonggos to be honest, kind, and courteous, but don’t expect them to fawn over you because you’re a foreigner.There’s certainly nothing unusual about young Cebuanas dating foreigners but this does not seem common here.In October, 1999, it was as if I’d finally met my long lost locker pinup guy in the flesh.

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