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In the four years existence of the foundation, over 300 incubators have been produced.Almost 200 of which where sent to customers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Cambodia, etc.Then in 1960, WABC joined the fray and started featuring top 40 music.

Musser would call New York Knicks games with Cal Ramsey on WOR-TV (away) and Manhattan Cable Television (home) for the next four seasons from 1976 to 1980.

He handled all the matches in the first three years, but only the home ones in the fourth.

Wij verliezen in Jan een mens met een groot hart voor anderen.

The Columbia Phonograph Company began selling Edison phonograph cylinders and players in Washington, D. It derived its name from the District of Columbia, which was its headquarters.

In 1956..."Fort Laramie" debuted on the CBS Radio Network starring Raymond Burr as Captain Lee Quince.

In 1940...“The Right to Happiness” written by radio soap diva Irna Phillips was first aired on the CBS Radio Network.Musser also called various events for CBS Radio, including Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl VIII.Musser was the lead voice for Chicago Bulls telecasts on WSNS from 1973 through 1976, pairing with Dick Gonski in the first two seasons and Lorn Brown in the third.Jan van Herrewegen overleden Jan van Herrewegen is zaterdag 3 december 2016 op 82-jarige leeftijd overleden.Hij was een van de stuwende krachten van de HEBI Foundation en mede oprichter.Especially in areas where the supply level is much lower then that of Western countries. In order to secure future continuation of the projects, Kiwanis Club Rotterdam was contacted.

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