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He’s viewed as pathetic and weak, and has to hide this part of his life if he wants any respect from his peers.My take on the paying deal is: whoever asks should be the one to pay.

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Double Standard #2: Men Are Programmed To Be Promiscuous Oh, promiscuity. If a single woman wants to play the field and date around (or sleep around) she is described as a slut (I personally hate that word).

But when a single man does the same thing, he’s described as just being a “man”, because he’s just “programmed that way.” Does this programming happen in the hospital nursery after a boy is born?

If you ask him out on an excursion, you get to pay for that, as well if he asks you to go do something, he gets to pay.

This way, if you want to go somewhere, but you aren’t sure about his money situation (or vice versa) the discomfort of having to turn down the opportunity due to funds is diminished.

We need to have a great presence and control over whatever situation we are in if we want to make a statement and have any sex appeal.

As such, the expectation to make the move and propose are placed on us.

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Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind having things paid for. However, I’d just like all men out there to know that it’s not always expected.

And you shouldn’t go into a date assuming that it is.

It’s not that women gaining control is perceived as a bad thing.

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